9 thoughts on “How to remove printing from my football shirt ?

  1. Buy a new one, with some1 liked on the back.

    (I was lucky though i can keep my Theirry Henry jersey, still liked and top scorer/legend to Arsenal.)

  2. yeah i’s take it back to the place where you got it printed or try ironing the printed part with a really hot dteam iron….
    my brother always got his name and the number of a player!!!!!!!!!!

  3. A screen printer may be able to remove it but the ghost image will always stay. The ghost image is the color of the material under the lettering verses the color of the shirt. There is no way to remove the ghost image.

    good luck

  4. I got the same problem man. the thing is I’m trying to have the name removed not the number.

    If it is removed will there still be residue markings etc? You know, the left overs.

    Or is it possible to remove it myself, I’m guessing they’ll charge extra for this kind of job??????


    Big BOSS Aristo

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