How to get iron-on letters off a football shirt?

I’d like to take a footballer’s name off my shirt, but the lettering is the iron on transfer type and I’ve tried everything I could think of. Any useful ideas please?

3 thoughts on “How to get iron-on letters off a football shirt?

  1. I’ve had lots of iron-on transfers on t-shirts and the best tried method is repetitive 90 degree washes, this first burns away the protective layer that makes it "waterproof", then once broken, stretch the material, this will make it flake, then all you do is get a blunt knife (a dull cutlery one will suffice) and start scrapping hard but carefully (dont want to rip the t-shirt)
    Once you done that a bit, wash it again and it will losen any that hasn’t come off the first time, just carry on this process and after a while there will be no transfer left.

  2. Well- they’re ironed on, so that you can’t take them off. Thats how footie players still have the names on their shirt after 90 minutes of shirt pulling and ground sliding.

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